Amber Lynn

November 12, 2015 - Actresses
Amber Lynn


AKA: Amber Lynn Lane, Amber Lynn Adams, Amber Lin, Laura Allen


Born: September 3, 1963

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Nationality: American


Height: 5'7"

Weight: 129lbs

Bra/Cup: 36E

Boobs: Enhanced

Amber Lynn (born Laura Lynn Allen on September 3, 1964)[1] is an American adult film actress, model, and exotic dancer.


Early life:

Lynn was born Laura Lynn Allen, the youngest daughter of a retired Air Force officer. She had 4 brothers and an older sister who died at the age of two from an undetected heart defect. When Lynn was three, her parents divorced after it was discovered her father had a family with another woman. Shortly after, Lynn’s mother suffered a nervous breakdown, and Lynn was placed in foster care where she was physically abused. At age 7, she was reunited with her mother. Shortly after, the two of them were involved in a car accident on the interstate; Lynn was thrown clear of the car while her mother, who was nearly decapitated, died at the scene.

Lynn and her brothers were placed with her father and his new family; in total there were 8 boys and Lynn in the house. At age 11, her father died of alcoholism and heart failure. As a teenager, Lynn self-described her change as going from “pudgy kind of bucktoothed” tomboy to a “rocking little body”. She started doing fitness modeling, bikini modeling, and hot body contests. She relocated to Hollywood and became a regular at the clubs on Sunset Strip.



Lynn was a bikini and figure model in Los Angeles in the early 1980s; following this she was featured in magazine photo spreads for Penthouse, Hustler, Chic, Playboy, High Society and Club magazines. Lynn first entered the pornographic film industry in Bobby Hollander’s adult film Personal Touch.[4][5][6] Lynn entered the pornographic film industry in 1983. She got a photo spread in Penthouse magazine and soon after went to an audition for a movie where the director was a well-known porn veteran. There, in an effort to calm her nervousness, the director offered Lynn a pipe with some freebase cocaine. It was her first encounter with the drug; she later described the feeling of being as, “It’s as if the birds are singing. The light is brighter. All of a sudden I’m no longer this gangly nervous teenager. I’m sitting there going ‘Oh wow!'”.

Lynn was the first female performer to open the door for adult film stars to be featured in dance touring, being recognized for this accomplishment throughout the United States and Canada. Lynn was the highest paid female performer on the strip club circuit, making $32,000 a week.

Lynn has had roles in non-adult films, such as 52 Pick-Up and Evils of the Night; and the television program The Man Show.

In 1992, Lynn dedicated her 28th birthday party at the Bel Age hotel in Beverly Hills, California to a benefit in honor of The Youth Aids Foundation of Los Angeles, an organization providing housing and assistance for helping runaways get off the streets and teenagers afflicted with HIV, which was about to go under. An August 1992 issue of The Los Angeles Times quoted her statement on page two: “Let’s give them food, clothing and shelter and we’ll worry about role models later”, alongside a shot of her dressed in a formal gown, holding a small infant girl. This was a breakthrough moment for how the adult industry was viewed by the mainstream concerning its crossover involvement in children’s organizations, as never before had a children’s organization knowingly accepted support from the adult entertainment industry.

Lynn has opposed the Los Angeles “Safer Sex in the Adult-Film Industry” initiative, which mandates that actors in adult films shot in Los Angeles County use condoms. She has been involved in the first charity to accept contributions from the adult film industry, Youth AIDS Foundation of Los Angeles since 1992.

Lynn was also in the 2010 documentary After Porn Ends, which is about life after being a porn actor.

Lynn hosts a weekly talk show called Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored on and

Lynn is a member of the Adult Video News (AVN) Hall of Fame and was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Free Speech Coalition.



Although Lynn was not directly affected by the Traci Lords underage-porn scandal in 1986, the episode shook her confidence in the business. She had also been deeply hurt by the 1984 suicide of friend Shauna Grant, and left adult films.

She began dancing and making personal appearances in Canada with adult film actress Tracey Adams, with whom she was involved at the time in a lesbian relationship. She soon decided that she preferred “live entertainment” to film making.

After a few years, however, the number of porn stars on the dancing circuit exploded, reducing the amount of money any could earn for each appearance. Lynn moved back to Los Angeles and returned to posing for magazines. She was inducted into the XRCO Hall of Fame in 1995.


Return to adult films:

She returned to adult films in the mid-1990s, but was unable to regain her earlier level of success. Several of her roles were lesbian scenes or non-sexual parts. By 1999, her struggles with drug abuse and alcoholism had severely damaged both her personal life and her career. She and Adams had ended their long-term relationship, and Lynn dropped out of the business again to clean herself up.

While in her early porn career Lynn refrained from breast enlargement surgery. However, by the time she returned to porn in the 1990s, her modest B-cup breasts had been enhanced to at least DD cup.

Soon after her second retirement, reportedly in need of money, she began making films again. Some of these films were more extreme than those that she had done earlier in her career, including scenes containing anal sex (which she had previously refused to do) and fetish modeling including extreme lesbian bondage (including spanking and abuse). She still appears in films from time to time, but her involvement is usually limited to one sex scene.


Personal life:

She is the sister of the late porn actor Buck Adams, who died from heart failure in 2008. The pair were forced to admit that they were siblings after discovering that they had been booked to perform a sex scene together in the mid-1980s.

On Lynn’s second porn film she met Jamie Gillis, who became her long-time partner.

Lynn’s drug addiction ran for nearly two decades. She once said, “I started out drinking Ketel One (Dutch Jenever) and slicing off crystals of Peruvian rock. I wound up broken down, drinking Kamchatka Vodka out of a half-pint stashed in the bottom of my purse, with my crack pipe stuffed in the lining of my jacket”.

She then began the long process of turning her life around. Lynn, as of September 2011, is now 11 years clean and sober, and works outside of the adult industry sometimes as a personal recovery assistant, helping in the detox of addicts, a webcam model on one of the largest cam sites online, and as a real estate agent specializing in luxury homes.


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