Jill Kelly

November 3, 2015 - Actresses
Jill Kelly


AKA: Adrian, Calista J., Calista Jammer, Calista Jay, Jill Kellie, Jill Kelley, Jill Kennedy, Jill Roberts, Seth, Seth Damian, Seth Damien


Born: February 1, 1971

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Nationality: American


Height: 5'7"

Weight: 114lbs

Bra/Cup: 36E

Boobs: Enhanced

Jill Kelly (born February 1, 1971) is the stage name of an American pornographic actress, director and producer. Kelly is an AVN Hall of Fame inductee.



Kelly’s stage name was derived from the names of the Charlie’s Angels characters portrayed by Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith. She started out as a stripper at the Babydolls adult entertainment theater in her hometown, first performing at the age of fifteen with false identification. After she broke up with her then-boyfriend, he informed the club of her true age, which prompted them to fire her. When Kelly turned 18 she returned to the club, commenting that “they didn’t even recognize me.”

She later did live sex shows with Tiffany Million at the O’Farrell Theatre in San Francisco.


Mainstream appearances:

Kelly has appeared in over 50 B movies, including The Legend of the Roller Blade Seven, Toad Warriors, and Big Sister 2000. In the Spring of 1998, she appeared in Spike Lee’s He Got Game.


Other ventures:

Kelly started her own company, Jill Kelly Productions (JKP), in October 1998. In April 2005, following the company’s bankruptcy filing, Penthouse magazine paid $1.765 million to acquire its assets, which included the entire JKP back catalogue and nearly 60 unreleased features.


Personal life:

A native of Southern California, Kelly was born in the Los Angeles suburb of Pomona. Kelly claims she was introduced to the porn industry by Tiffany Million around 1992/1993 and that she would also introduce Kelly to her first husband, Cal Jammer. Kelly and Million began a lesbian relationship in the mid-1990s. However, Kelly would later marry Cal Jammer, whom she met at a CES convention in Las Vegas 1993. They were married a month later. Jammer introduced Kelly to the world of adult movies and her career was launched. However, Kelly separated from him due to Jammer’s infidelities off-camera, which she called “the deal breaker”. Jammer took the separation hard, committing suicide by shooting himself with a gun on the road in front of Kelly’s house on January 25, 1995, widowing Kelly in the process.

On May 6, 2000, Jill Kelly married adult star, Julian, but the couple divorced by the end of 2001. Kelly then married a third time to Corey Jordan on September 20, 2003. However, not even this marriage would last as the couple parted ways a year later only to finalize their divorce in October 2004.

According to Kelly, the divorce was preceded by a her wish to have children, stating that she had in fact experienced two failed pregnancies, which had almost cost her her life with one of them being ectopic. Kelly also had an off-screen relationship with fellow female colleague P.J. Sparxx in the mid-1990s. The pair would also tour together and dance on stage as part of a dance duo act called Fire & Ice. The pair also released a pornographic feature film of the dance act called Fire & Ice: Caught in the Act. Kelly and Sparxx elucidated on their relationship in the “Behind the Scenes” documentary series “Sex Under Hot Lights”. Sparxx posited that she and Kelly had similar sexual personalities. Kelly stated that Sparxx had supported her following her husband and fellow pornographic actor Cal Jammer’s suicide in January 1995. Sparxx and Kelly claimed to be exclusively involved in terms of women, but were in an open relationship in regards to other men, with Kelly claiming she was also involved with a boyfriend at the time.

Kelly identifies as bisexual.


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