POV Cuckold Vol. 24

July 4, 2016 - Movies, Roman Video, Studios
POV Cuckold Vol. 24


Release date: July 16, 2013


Minutes: 56min

Genre: POV, Cuckold,



POV Cuckold Vol. 24

Your stepdaughter, naughty little devil Britney Young, plans to seduce you. When you walk in as she masturbates naked in bed, she springs her trap!

The hot teen whips your cock out of your pants and starts sucking it. She tells you she’s wanted it in her mouth and pussy for a long, long time. She promises that she’ll keep it secret.

Her warm, wet, young mouth destroys your resistance and sense of right and wrong.

Soon she leads you to her bed where you think you’ll get to fuck her. Think again! You’re her bitch now! She SLAPS YOUR DICK again and again, smacking away your self-esteem and turning you into her obedient slave!

To ensure that you don’t try to fuck her mom, she locks your dick in CHASTITY before she goes out on a date with her boyfriend. She keeps its key on a chain around her neck.

She comes home with a pussy filled with her boyfriend’s SEMEN. She tells you to lick it out of her. If you don’t she’ll not only expose you, she’ll never unlock your dick.

Britney brings her boyfriend home to FUCK HIM WHILE YOU WATCH. She tells you how much bigger and better his cock is than yours.

They fuck in multiple positions until they both CUM hard and loud. Britney lies back and orders you to lick the big, gooey CREAMPIE from her pussy. She sits on your face to make sure every drop oozes out into your mouth.

Finally, your stepdaughter unlocks the chastity device. She sucks you to a painfully hard erection and straddles you. You can barely stand it as she guides it into her stretched out pussy.

You passionately FUCK YOUR STEPDAUGHTER. You caress her big natural tits. She has an intense ORGASM.

She rides you until you explode, then makes you suck out your own load.

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